About us

Our company

N A Waterman "Eye Catching Jewelry" was created by Natasha A Waterman in 2003.  All of the jeweled pieces are designed by Natasha. 


I have such a passion for fashion and I absolutely love jewelry.  I believe that a great piece of jeweled accessory completes any attire.

The business actually came about from a vacation to the Cayman Islands in 2003. I could not find any unique pieces of jewelry that matched the wardrobe I was taking on my trip. Also, I just love wearing jewelry with my swim suits.  One day it just dawned on me that I could make the exact type of jeweled pieces I was looking for and I did just that. 

 When family and friends saw the pictures from my vacation, they immediately wanted to know where I bought my jewelry.

 Needless to say, I began creating pieces for my family and friends.  The word quickly spread and I began having jewelry shows with much success. Due to that success, I decided to widen my market and start an online boutique. And the rest is history...

Our mission

To provide reasonably priced, fine quality "Eye Catching Jewelry".


N A Waterman is a full-service Jewelry Business that provides jewelry for almost every part of the body. At N A Waterman, we are dedicated to providing our clients with superior jeweled pieces that are uniquely designed.

Each Jeweled piece is handcrafted by us. This means that each item may have slight variations from piece to piece and therefore truly makes your jeweled item feel as if it were one-of-a-kind.

We believe that there is something extra special about jewelry that is made by hand.

 Please accept this as one of the beautiful features of owning an extraordinary piece from N.A. Waterman.